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“Subterranean Deposits; The discovery of a large deposit of potash in Michigan, used to produce fertilizers,represents a significant economic boon to the state.” – Detroit Business

(Feb 11, 2015)  Natural resources have long been an economic asset to Michigan, but it was only recently that the state discovered an unusually large deposit of potash, one of the most pivotal substances in the world. The new findings could very well signal the start of a new industry in the state, potentially worth...


“Witnesses, Members Stress the Importance of Data Sharing in Natural Resources Production & Infrastructure Projects” – House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources

(Sept 17, 2014)  WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources held a legislative hearing on H.R. 5066, the Data Preservation Act of 2014, authored by Natural Resources Committee Member Rep. Dan Benishek, M.D. (MI-01).


“Junior player seeks major potash roleas Mosaic exits stage in Michigan” – Green Markets; Bloomberg

(Nov 18, 2013)  While The Mosaic Co. closed its small Hersey, Mich., potash mine Nov. 5 (GM Nov. 11, p. 1), a small junior company stands ready to take the surrounding reserves and build them into a significant mine to serve the Cornbelt. Just as major nitrogen producers and would-be nitrogen producers see the value of...


“Potash: a gold mine for Michigan? A new company has secured nearly 400 mineral leases in Osceola and Mecosta.” – Grand Rapids Business Journal

(Sep 20, 2013)  A nearly forgotten deposit of high-grade potash under two West Michigan counties is being touted as a potential multibillion dollar industry that could make the state one of the world’s leading sources for one of the most important ingredients in agricultural fertilizer.


“Michigan: A World Class Potash Resource” – USGS

(Sep 10, 2013)  “At current market prices, the deposit is estimated to be worth $65 billion… The high quality of the mineral resource has the potential to create a multibillion-dollar industry in Michigan that would surpass the state’s historical oil and gas production revenues, as well as create several hundred jobs in Osceola and Mecosta counties,...


Rediscovery Of Rare Mineral Deposit By WMU Geologists And Private Company Could Boost Michigan Economy” – Associated Press

(Sep 10, 2013)  KALAMAZOO, MI – You’ve heard of shovel-ready projects? Western Michigan University’s Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education, working in conjunction with the company Michigan Potash, said that it has rediscovered a mineral deposit in West Michigan potentially worth billions of dollars that could establish Michigan as a leading U.S. supplier of a...