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“Michigan: A World Class Potash Resource” – USGS

(Sep 10, 2013)  “At current market prices, the deposit is estimated to be worth $65 billion… The high quality of the mineral resource has the potential to create a multibillion-dollar industry in Michigan that would surpass the state’s historical oil and gas production revenues, as well as create several hundred jobs in Osceola and Mecosta counties,...


Rediscovery Of Rare Mineral Deposit By WMU Geologists And Private Company Could Boost Michigan Economy” – Associated Press

(Sep 10, 2013)  KALAMAZOO, MI – You’ve heard of shovel-ready projects? Western Michigan University’s Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education, working in conjunction with the company Michigan Potash, said that it has rediscovered a mineral deposit in West Michigan potentially worth billions of dollars that could establish Michigan as a leading U.S. supplier of a...


Michigan Is N.M. Untapped, Says Junior K Company” – Green Markets; Bloomberg

(Sep 3, 2013)  Hersey—Michigan Potash Co. LLC ( is seeking to develop some 14,500 acres of potash reserves surrounding the current Mosaic Co. solution mine at Hersey. The company said that for the past three years it has been quietly assembling the leasehold and working to make sure that the mine could be established. “This is...