Our Community

People. Providing. Strengthening. Securing

Sustainable Economic Growth for our Community
300 Construction Jobs and 170 full time jobs
Deploying Capital, Royalty, and Tax Base

We are Family Owned

While being a new facility, the new plant represents a “re-start” of an existing operation. The MPC Team inherits the benefit of previous, established experience and lessons learned from producing at the site, and selling from the site for over 25 years, less than 1.5 miles away. MPC’s senior team were a part of the building, commissioning, operations, and management of the former facility.

The Founder and owner is Native American. He attended University on behalf of a merit scholarship from the  Bureau of Indian Affairs to study Natural Resources.

Meet our team

  • A Communal Focus

    A communal effort from the start with over 450 lessee that have come together to make this happen, all with a vested stake in making this occur.

  • Families of Osceola and Mecosta

    Between 2011 and 2013, the MPC and families of Osceola and Mecosta county engaged in roughly 450 lease agreements.

  • Benefits to Local Farmers

    Helping Michigan farmers steward water use, while reducing input costs is what we do farmers, arguably rely on water more than any other profession.

  • Food Security for our Neighbors and the United States

    The American farmer, the most efficient in the world, consumes nine million tonnes of potash annually.