Critical Potash

An agricultural dependence

Potash is needed for food security, and is a natural potassium fertilizer. The U.S. is 96% import reliant
The World’s highest grade potash ore resides in the United States corn belt.
Our farmers relay on potash to grow our food and they pay more for it then anybody else in the world.
  • United Nations World Food Program

    Over the next 40 years, we need to produce more food than the last 8,000 years combined

  • 96% import reliant

    The United States is one of the World’s largest consumers of potash and is over 96% import reliant. Principle supply coming from only 4 global producers, which includes 1 in Russia and 1 in Belarus, who at times are antagonistic to our nation.

  • Strategic Reserve of Potash

    The United States Strategic Reserve of Potash in New Mexico ceased material production in 2016. United States’ farms require 11 Million tons every year. We produce 300,000 tons domestically.

  • Required to grow our food

    Potash is the tightest controlled commodity in the world, yet it is required to grow our food. It is required to support our corn and soybean farmers. Especially now, when competitive demand for potash and food exports are coming from China, Brazil, and India.

World Fertilizer

The US government has identified 35 key minerals that it considers critical to national and economic security that it wants to increase protection.

According to the World Fertilizer Magazine, “The complete list includes bauxite, platinum group metals and potash. The Interior Department reportedly said that the list will be updated periodically in line with changes in supply, demand, policy and concentration of demand. Reuters reports that the Department of Commerce will use the list to respond to a Presidential order in December to break US dependence of foreign minerals.”

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35 Critical Minerals List

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How Michigan Potash & Salt Company will help

Michigan could be the nation’s leading source for a critical agricultural resource that is also in demand internationally. Potash is an essential plant nutrient and critical ingredient in fertilizer for the economy’s agricultural industry. Currently supplies are running out and there is no known substitute for potash. The U.S. is 95% import reliant, as potash is only found in a few places in the world.

Ted Pagano of Michigan Potash estimates an initial demand for more than 300 workers employed in an enterprise that will produce more than a million tons of potash annually. “It’s our responsibility to develop this wisely and in a way that moves Michigan forward,” Pagano says. Bringing Michigan potash to market, Pagano says, will provide a domestic source of the element at reduced cost to Midwest farmers as well as to the national agriculture industry. It will reduce imports, improve the nation’s trade balance, create jobs and increase the state’s tax base.

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