Environmental Stewardship

Helping Michigan farmers steward water use, while being water recycle efficient

Potash reduces irrigation volume
81-90% of all water is recycled perpetually
More crop yield based on better water use efficiency

The Hydrological gain MPC provides to Michigan by reducing irrigation

(Image above) Sugar beet, Same Soil, Same Amount of Water. Image on the right was farmed with potash.

MPSC produces enough potassium for

  • 3-4 Michigan Farming Families Every Hour
  • 70-90 Michigan Farming Families Every Day
  • 2,700 Michigan Farming Families Every Month
  • Enough Potash for all of Michigan’s needs, and for its neighbors too.


“The Positive effect of potassium on the whole plant development results in better water economy of plants.” – Dr. P. Imas, Senior Agronomist

  • Dryland Farming

    Potash helps dryland farming; when irrigation would otherwise be considered necessary.

  • Climate Change

    Helping farmers adapt to climate change with higher yields during the dry season.

  • Irrigation Water

    Michigan utilizes 209 million gallons per day of irrigation water a day.

  • Reducing Irrigation

    MPSC provides to Michigan by reducing irrigation, improving dryland farming, and improving water use efficiency in all crops.

A CLOSED LOOP SYSTEM, the process creates purified distilled water from salt water.