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Michigan Potash Company Welcomes Mr. Angelo Brisimitzakis To The Board Of Directors

(Aug 24, 2017)  Michigan Potash Company, LLC (“MPC”) Michigan Potash Company welcomes Mr. Angelo Brisimitzakis to the Board of Directors Through 2012, Mr. Brisimitzakis served as the CEO at Compass Minerals (NYSE: CMP), a leading minerals producer (~$1.1Bn Sales) of salt, potash, and specialty fertilizers with 2000 employees across 13 manufacturing sites in North America...


MDOT Will Assist With Road Costs Associated With Proposed Hersey Potash Plant

(June 15, 2017)  EVART — The Michigan De-partment of Transportation an-nounced May 8 it will assist with a road improvement project in Osceola County if and when Michigan Potash Co. begins op-erations there.To accommodate the expected increase in traffic, the Osceola County Road Commission plans to reconstruct 135th Avenue, Schofield Road, and a portion of...


“Mineral Discovery Could Mean Billions for Michigan” – USGS

(April 17, 2017)  For more than two decades, researchers, geologists, and investors had no idea they were standing above tremendous wealth. Thousands of feet deep beneath the surface of western Michigan, a potential multibillion-dollar potash deposit was discovered. Potash—a mineral salt containing high levels of potassium—is an ingredient in fertilizer essential for growing crops.