Company History

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Michigan Potash & Salt Company, LLC (“MPSC”) Is A Private, US Based, Potash Company Responsibly Controlling Over 150 Million Tons Of Recoverable K2O Product, Leading America Into A New Era Of Potash Production.

In 2019

Michigan Potash & Salt Company, and Barton Malow Company, the largest general contractor in Michigan, have materially completed a definitive agreement for the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of the Michigan Potash and Salt facility in Western Rural Michigan.

In 2018

POTASH ADDED TO CRITICAL MINERALS LIST – Potash declared strategic and critical by the U.S. government.  “The work of the USGS is at the heart of our nation’s mission to reduce our vulnerability to disruptions in the supply of critical minerals. Any shortage of these resources constitutes a strategic vulnerability for the security and prosperity of the United States.”  – Dr. Tim Petty, Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Water and Science

In 2018

After hearing concerns from community members Tuesday, the Evart Township board unanimously approved the establishment of an industrial district for the extraction of potash.

Around 100 acres of land near 120th Avenue will be converted into a district that could be the site of a new facility for mineral extraction.

In 2017

Transportation economic development grants will support more than 203 new jobs in Ionia and Osceola counties. To accommodate the expected increase in traffic, the Osceola County Road Commission will reconstruct 135th Avenue, Schofield Road, and a portion of 120th Avenue to all-season standards.

In 2015

While being a new facility, the new plant represents a “re-start” of an existing operation. The MPC Team inherits the benefit of previous, established experience and lessons learned from producing at the site, and selling from the site for over 25 years, less than 1.5 miles away. MPC’s senior team were a part of the building, commissioning, operations, and management of the former facility, and other facilities worldwide. The Michigan way of manufacturing creates potash and salt in a way that is the most efficient in the world.

In 2014

Michigan Potash Company, LLC (“MPC”) has been invited to give testimony on H.R. 5066, the “Data Preservation Act of 2014”, as a result of its immediate experience with preserved geological data and the Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education (“MGRRE”).

Read the full correspondence and testimony (MPC Written Testimony, HR 5066)

In 2013

Western Michigan University’s Michigan Geological Repository for Research and Education, working in conjunction with the company Michigan Potash, said that it has rediscovered a mineral deposit in West Michigan potentially worth billions of dollars that could establish Michigan as a leading U.S. supplier of a key fertilizer used by farmers worldwide.

In 2011-2013

Between 2011 and 2013, the MPSC and families of Osceola and Mecosta county engaged in roughly 450 lease agreements.