Sustainable Economic Growth for our Community; Bringing 100s of Jobs, Millions in Royalties and Increasing Tax Base
Critical Potash; An Agricultural Dependence. Potash is an Essential Plant Nutrient in Short Supply.
Helping Michigan Farmers Steward Water Use Is What We Do

We are Family Owned

The “re-start” of the US Potash Project inherits the decades of experience and lessons learned from the MPSC team’s experience in producing and selling at the site for over 25 years.  Our senior team were instrumental in building, commissioning, operating, and managing the former facility.

The Founder and CEO is Native American. He attended University on behalf of a merit scholarship from the  Bureau of Indian Affairs to study Natural Resources.

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How Michigan Potash & Salt Company will help

Michigan will be the nation’s leading source for a critical agricultural resource. Potash is an essential plant nutrient and critical ingredient for a successful agricultural industry. Currently, domestic supplies are running out and the US is 96% import reliant. There is no known substitute for natural potash, and the World’s highest grade potash ore resides in the United States corn belt within MPSC’s leasehold.

MPSC estimates an initial demand for more than 300 workers employed in an enterprise that will produce more than a million tons of potash annually. It’s our responsibility to develop this wisely and in a way that moves Michigan forward. Bringing Michigan potash to market will provide a domestic source at reduced cost to Midwest farmers and the national agricultural industry. It will reduce imports, improve the nation’s trade balance, create jobs and increase the state’s tax base.

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