(Farm Progress – Podcast) Exploring a new source of potash

(Farm Progress – Podcast) Exploring a new source of potash

The Around Farm Progress podcast digs in on news of a new U.S.-based mine for a critical farm nutrient – potassium
Willie Vogt | Jul 02, 2021

Farmers know that macronutrients, properly applied, make the difference in crop production. The use of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium is a nearly magic mix that gives those plants the food they need to produce top yields. But do you know where your potash for that potassium comes from?

We explore that interesting question in this week’s episode of the Around Farm Progress podcast, with news of a new domestic source that could come online in a couple years. Jennifer Kiel, American Agriculturist, shares news of a potash deposit in Michigan described as among the purest available and the company that’s going to mine it.

She discusses that potash, the company that has lined up the appropriate permits and more about this new domestic source. And she shares insight on where farmers are getting that potash now.

Source Link:  https://www.farmprogress.com/crops/exploring-new-source-potash