About Michigan Potash


Established Operation. Established Product. Established Sales. Established Management.

Michigan Potash Company, LLC (“MPC”) is North America’s only private holding of an established potash operation, previously designated commercial and booked on the New York Stock Exchange by an established producer.


Why Michigan Potash is so important

Dubbed  as the ‘US Potash Project,’ it is the highest grade ore in the world, has the ability to triple US domestic production for over 150 years, has no sovereign risk, is located in a country with a net deficiency (US imports >94% by 2017), and is strategically and critically located in an area with established infrastructural strength (Presented before Congress, House Bill HR-5066).

Essential Plant

Potash is an essential plant nutrient and nutritional requirement for animals and humans. It has no known substitutes.


Although potash is used worldwide, only 13 countries and only 13 companies produce it.

Needs to be more accessible

Our farmer’s rely on potash to grow our food and they pay more for potash than anybody else in the world.

Potash is critical to agricultural balance of trade

US Potash Demand


The U.S. produces 40% of the world’s maize and 36% of the world’s soybeans. These crops are among the highest potash consuming cash crops.


The U.S.’ agricultural trade balance relies heavily on potash-dependent crops.

Established in 1939

Domestic potash supply principally comes from the Designated Potash Area in New Mexico; established in 1939, it has become critically depleted.